Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions of use Personal Product PP AB, the organization no. 559148-6989  runs the website Big Marketplace and the related pages. Detailed contact information and other information about Big Marketplace can be found on the website. Via the Website, you can trade goods and services directly from Personal Product PP, and also products and services from other companies (``Partners``) who chose to sell their goods and services through the Website. In connection with each product or service on the Site, it is stated whether it is Personal Product AB or a Partner that sells and supplies the product or service.

You can find this information partly on the current product page for the product or service, and at the checkout. If you trade a Product or Service from a Partner through the Site, it is the Partner, not Personal Product PP AB, you are contracting with. Then it also applies the partners' own general terms of purchase.

General terms and conditions of purchase for each partner can be found at checkout. Regardless of whether you are from Personal Product or Partners, you can always contact Personal Product Customer Service, and payments are made through the payment solutions offered on the Site.